Okayama PCR center

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Okayama PCR center

 Okayama PCR center is only one PCR center where you get result at the same day in Okayama. In case of COVID-19 positive, we promptly report to the health center through our affiliated medical institutions.
 There is “Okayama PCR travel center” in Okayama PCR center. You can get negative certificate when you go overseas. After you take PCR test, you can receive PDF negative certificate at Kansai International Airport or Narita International Airport by email.

Please visit us without booking if you don’t understand well.

Opening hours

Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat 9:00〜17:30

PCR test timeResult (About)(On Paper)Negative certificate (About)
12:00~17:30Next day 15:30~16:30Next day 16:30~17:30

*PCR TEST on Friday 12:00~17:30, your test result will be available on Sunday around 15:30~16:30.

*PCR test on Saturday, your test result will be available on Sunday.

* PCR test on Sunday or Public holiday before 12:00, your test result will be available on the same day.

How to take a PCR test and get negative certificate
  1. Please book your visit time.
  2. Please visit PCR travel center on time.
  3. Take PCR test at PCR travel center.
  4. After PCR test, please apply negative certificate from our website.
  5. Please visit PCR travel center again and receive negative certificate. You can also get PDF one by email.

If you need more detail information , please read “How to get PCR test” page.


Please book your visit time to take a PCR test.

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B1 Okayama station (PESCA No.6), 1-1 Ekimoto-chou, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama ​700-0024

Directly access from underground ticket gate of JR Okayama station

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Price of PCR test and Negative certificate is as below. If you go overseas and need PCR test and negative certificate, you need to pay 5,500 JPY(pre payment via PayPal) +13,200 JPY, that is totally 18,700 JPY. If you wish to pay by cash at the PCR center, it will be 6,000 JPY +13,200 JPY, that is totally 19,200 JPY. This price is included a support service for “24 hours call” after you receive negative certificate. If you have any trouble at the airport, our staff will help you. This price is also included a doctor’s fee of affiliated medical institution in case of emergency need.

PCR test fee

5,500 JPY (pre payment via PayPal)

6,000 JPY (cash at the PCR center)

Negative certificate

3,300 JPY

Negative Certificate
(For Travel overseas)

13,200 JPY


Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Okayama PCR center LINE

>PCR test for international travel

PCR test for international travel

We provide get Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result. You get a negative certificate on the same day at Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Kagawa.