Tokushima PCR center|Campaign for Free Negative Certificate !

No change in fees! We have started online sales of PCR tests with free negative certificates for postal delivery!

Thank you for using the Tokushima PCR center. This time, we have started selling postal PCR tests online at the same price! You can get a PCR test even while staying at home.

Furthermore, by keeping the test kit at home, you can quickly get tested if you happen to develop a fever. So, for those planning to get tested in case of infection risk, please take advantage of this opportunity.

Tokushima PCR center

 Tokushima PCR center is only one PCR center where you get result at the same day in Tokushima. In case of COVID-19 positive, we promptly report to the health center through our affiliated medical institutions.
 There is “Tokushima PCR travel center” in tokushima PCR center. You can get negative certificate when you go overseas. After you take PCR test, you can receive PDF negative certificate at Kansai International Airport or Narita International Airport by email.

Business Hours


Result time and Time you get negative certificate

Time you get negative certificate depends on what time you take PCR test.

What time can I take PCR test ?
Tokushima PCR center opens 9:00~12:00, 16:00~17:00. You can take PCR test 9:00~12:00, 16:00~17:00. We open everyday. Please book when you visit. It is very easy to book! You can also book via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or LINE.

Booking PCR test !!

What time do I get PCR test result?
Time you get negative certificate depends on what time you take PCR test and which course you choose. 

①Take PCR test 9:00~12:00
★Travel PCR package  ¥18,700(Cash ¥20,000)
Same day result 15:30
★PCR package ¥8,800 (Cash ¥10,000) 
Same day result 16:00~17:30
★Only PCR test ¥5,500 (Cash ¥6,000) 
Same day result 16:00~17:30

②Take PCR test 16:00~17:00
★Travel PCR package  ¥18,700(Cash ¥20,000)
NEXT day result 15:30
★PCR package ¥8,800 (Cash ¥10,000) 
NEXT day result 16:00~17:30
★Only PCR test ¥5,500 (Cash ¥6,000) 
NEXT day result 16:00~17:30

Please check your result at our website ( We also send you result by an email.

Check PCR test result

Where and When can I get result ?
It is not necessary to visit PCR center again, because we send PDF negative certificate by an email. However, if you need additional paper document, please feel free to visit PCR center again during business hours (9:00~17:00).

①Take PCR test 9:00~12:00
★Travel PCR package  ¥18,700(Cash ¥20,000)
Same day  15:00
★PCR package ¥8,800 (Cash ¥10,000) 
Same day 16:00~17:30

②Take PCR test 16:00~17:00
★Travel PCR package  ¥18,700(Cash ¥20,000)
NEXT DAY 15:00
★PCR package ¥8,800 (Cash ¥10,000) 
NEXT DAY 16:00~17:30

※Tokushima PCR center opens 9:00~12:00 and 16:00~17:00(Sun closed). You cannot get negative certificate out of business hours. 

Where is Tokushima PCR center?
2F Kunimi Building, 1-19-1 Ryougokuhounmachi, Tokushima city, Tokushima 770-0843
Near Tokushima Station

How to go to PCR center


Price of PCR test package is as below. If you go overseas, you have to pay 18,700 JPY(20,000JPY) . This price is included RT-PCR test , Negative certificate, and support service for “Tell phone call support”. If you have any trouble at the airport, our staff will help you. This price is also included a doctor’s fee of affiliated medical institution in case of emergency need. 

COVID-19 PCR test only(5,500JPY)

PRICE:Prepaid 5,500JPY, but CASH 6,000JPY (Tax included)

Please check your result at website. We also send result by email.

※If you take PCR test for shorten quarantine for my SOS, please take a screenshot of negative result email and upload the screen shot JPEG file to my SOS.

For shorten quarantine (My SOS)

Travel PCR package (with TRAVEL Negative certificate)(18,700JPY)

NAME:Travel PCR package
PRICE:Prepaid 18,700JPY, but CASH 20,000JPY (Tax included)
SERVICE:COVID-19 PCR test +  Negative certificate for Travel overseas + support call service in emergency

We support hotline service included for emergency accident. If you have any trouble, please feel free to call us . We would like to do our best for your safety trip.

Travel record list

SAMPLE of negative certificate

PCR package (with Negative certificate)(8,800JPY)

NAME:PCR package payment
PRICE:Prepaid 8,800JPY, but but 10,000JPY (Tax included)
SERVICE:COVID-19 PCR test +  Negative certificate (NOT suit for GOING OVERSEAS

SAMPLE of negative certificate


Please book your visit time to take a PCR test.


Please read the FAQ before contacting us.

I cannot receive result email / negative certificate 
If you cannot receive result email / negative certificate, please check bellow explanation at first. Then, please feel free to ask Setolabo PCR center via LINE or Facebook Messenger. Please DO NOT send Email !!!

For Travel PCR package ¥18,700(Cash ¥20,000) is included Travel support. We will give you a phone number as an emergency contact at reception. We provide trouble support in the unlikely event that we are able to travel 100% reliably. Please call immediately when you have trouble.
*We do not guarantee your travel without your cooperation. Please do not forget to call us 6hours before your flight check-in(In midnight ,there is no support).

We email your PCR test results to everyone by using automatic email system. If you have not received the email of your test result, the cause would be one of them listed below. 

①you have not registered your personal information with QR cord which is explained at the time of your PCR test before result time
②or a list below 
・registered wrong email address
・in junk mail box
・refused by your receiving server 
・used the same email address with your family members. Sometimes your server sets as “block” the second email from the same email address at the same time. 
③or you have not properly submitted your Google form you registered. Please make sure you click ‘send’ and answer security questions if it pops up. 

We are able to resend the email, but it will be done within our business hours. If you wish to receive your result without any issues, please register your details earliest possible. 

What time can I get result ? How can I get result?
【PCR test result time】
Time you get negative certificate depends on where and what time you take PCR test and which course you choose.  Please check the time at each PCR center website.

Check result time at each PCR center

【How to get result】
①Please check your PCR test result at website. Your PCR test number is alphabet+numbers, for example OSK(place)+1435(number). You will see your test number color changed after you got result. Blue is negative. Red is positive. White(clear color) is “Still during PCR analysis”. 
②We also send you result email.

Check your result at website 

Can I go to XXXX (=country name) ?
Please check bellow list. We have more than 10,000 tourist record totally.
Tourist record  recently
Can I cancel PCR test ? Can I change PCR test day and time?
Yes, you can do it both. However, we do not refund PCR test fee if you choose prepaid as cancel policy. 
Do I need booking? Can I try walk-in without booking? 
Please book for visit.

If you do NOT book, please agree the next listed bellow.
・If you do not make a reservation, we may refuse the inspection, especially when it is crowded.
・Customers who have made a reservation have priority.You may not be able to take the test by the desired time.
・If you come outside the business hours of PCR center, you are not be able to take PCR test.
・Some testing centers, such as the Ehime Prefectural PCR Testing Center, have closed windows during lunch breaks. Please be sure to check on the website, or if you have any concerns, please contact us on the official LINE of each PCR center.

I want to know Setolabo company.
PCR test is done at the Setolabo Sanitary Inspection Center. The operating company of Setolabo Sanitary Inspection Center is the limited liability company Setolabo. There are two sanitary inspection stations in Osaka City and Takamatsu City. The “PCR center / PCR satellite” of Setolabo in Nagoya, Kobe, etc. is simply a “reception place for saliva collection”, so analysis tests are not conducted at that location. Specimens are transported from the “PCR center / PCR satellite” to the sanitary laboratories in Osaka and Takamatsu, and are highly controlled in a sanitary laboratory that has been rigorously examined and approved by the health center of JAPAN. 

About Setolabo ( Japanese)

the other FAQ(Japanese)

Contact us

Please feel free to ask via LINE,Facebook messenger, or Whats App. We also provide English information at Facebook.

How to take a PCR test and get negative certificate

  1. Please book your visit time at our website.
  2. Please visit PCR travel center on time. Please do not come early or late.
  3. Take PCR test at PCR travel center. Please show us receipt from Paypal if you choose prepaid. When you pay by cash, please bring the same amount of money with a package you choose. We do not have a cash for infectious control.
  4. After PCR test, please do not stay long time for your safety.
  5. After come home, please read the QR code on the document we give you on the day, and please register to link the inspection number with your personal information. If you need a negative certificate, please apply negative certificate at the same time.
  6. Please check your result at our website. We also send PDF negative certificate to your email address registered via QR code.
  7. It is not necessary to visit us again for negative certificate. You can get PDF negative certificate by email. Please print out it at home or any convenience store. If you need paper document, please visit us again in opening hours, but most of country does not demand paper document.

※If you need more detail information , please read “How to get PCR test” page.


2F Kunimi Building, 1-19-1 Ryougokuhounmachi, Tokushima city, Tokushima 770-0843

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>PCR test for international travel

PCR test for international travel

We provide get Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result. You get a negative certificate on the same day at Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Kagawa.