Konomai PCR center

Konomai PCR center

Konomai PCR Inspection Center (Akihabara, Tokyo) is located a 7-minute walk from Akihabara Station and has good access to both Narita and Haneda Airports! People with fever can also come in. Test results can be received on the same day. A “Negative Certificate Mail” containing the same contents as a negative certificate is issued free of charge to all examinees and can be officially used as a vaccine/test package or a shortened quarantine test after entry into Japan.

Konomai PCR center is not SETOLABO. Please ask Konomai PCR center directly.
Opening Hours

Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 8:00AM〜7:00PM

PCR test timeResult (About)Negative certificate (About)
8:00〜11:45SAME DAY 20:30-23:00soon after
11:45〜19:00NEXT DAY 20:30-23:00soon after

*Please avoid coming in between 11:30- 12:30 because we close during this period.

How to take a PCR test and get negative certificate
  1. Please book your visit time.
  2. Please visit PCR travel center on time.
  3. Take PCR test at PCR travel center.
  4. After PCR test, please apply negative certificate from our website.
  5. Please visit PCR travel center again and receive negative certificate. You can also get PDF one by email.

※If you need more detail information , please read “How to get PCR test” page.


Please book your visit time to take a PCR test. Booking is available 1 month before. Click the blue button bellow!!

We do not accept reservations for this calendar.

Shimizu building 1st floor, Daitou 1-14-9, Daitou-ku, Tokyo
7min walk from Akihabara station, 8min walk from Suehiro chou station


Price of PCR test package is as below. If you go overseas, you have to pay 18,700 JPY(20,000JPY) . This price is included RT-PCR test , Negative certificate, and support service for “Tell phone call support”. If you have any trouble at the airport, our staff will help you. This price is also included a doctor’s fee of affiliated medical institution in case of emergency need.

COVID-19 PCR test only

PRICE:Prepaid 5,500JPY, but CASH 6,000JPY (Tax included)

Travel PCR package (with TRAVEL Negative certificate)

NAME:Travel PCR package
PRICE:Prepaid 18,700JPY, but CASH 20,000JPY (Tax included)
SERVICE:COVID-19 PCR test +  Negative certificate for Travel overseas + support call service in emergency

PCR package (with Negative certificate)

NAME:PCR package payment
PRICE:Prepaid 8,800JPY, but but 10,000JPY (Tax included)
SERVICE:COVID-19 PCR test +  Negative certificate (NOT suit for GOING OVERSEAS)

PREPAID (Go to payment page)



>PCR test for international travel

PCR test for international travel

We provide get Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result. You get a negative certificate on the same day at Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Kagawa.