PCR test for shortening your quarantine period (My SOS) when returning to Japan

Taking PCR test at the PCR center   Ordering PCR test kit via post  PCR test at Setolabo is able to shorten your quarantine period Setolabo is a laboratory designated by Japanese government. You are able to shorten your quarantine period by taking PCR test at Setolabo PCR center when you return to Japan. ※PCR centers at each area are places where you can take your saliva sample, and we send the samples to laboratory in Osaka or Kagawa to process your PCR test. On a list of laboratories/ medical facilities registered with Japanese government (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), we were previously registered under our main office in Kagawa, However, we are currently registered under the name of each PCR test satellite and PCR center. Therefore, you are able to register My SOS for shortening your quarantine period by uploading screenshot of your negative result email or negative […]

Each country has different requirements for COVID-19 when you wish to enter.

We, Setolabo, made a list below for each country’s requirements by checking with primary source such as the embassy or government related airlines. However, please check with primary source of your destination country by yourself since these requirements can be changed due to COVID-19 situation. List of countries: frequently used Setolabo PCR test Setolabo PCR test is frequently used by our customers who are going to U.S.A., England, India, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Uganda, UAE (Dubai), Australia, France, Vietnam, Russia, Taiwan, Korea, and Brazil. Country Setolabo PCRYes/No Specimen type Issuing authority Confirmation type confirm date Comment America (U.S.A) ○ Saliva acceptable Inspection Institute acceptable Embassy of Japan in the USA March 2, 2022 As of 2021/12/06, negative certificate required a day before departure date Brazil ○ Saliva acceptable Inspection Institute acceptable Consulate Homepage March 2, 2022 Canada ○ Saliva acceptable Inspection Institute acceptable Government Homepage March 2, 2022 England ○ Saliva […]

>PCR test for international travel

PCR test for international travel

We provide get Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result. You get a negative certificate on the same day at Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Kagawa.