Hiroshima PCR center

Hiroshima PCR center  Hiroshima PCR center is only one PCR center where you get result at the same day in Hiroshima. In case of COVID-19 positive, we promptly report to the health center through our affiliated medical institutions. There is “Hiroshima PCR travel center” in Hiroshima PCR center. You can get negative certificate when you go overseas. After you take PCR test, you can receive PDF negative certificate at Kansai International Airport or Narita International Airport by email. Opening hours (PCR test ) All day 8:00~11:00 Result time and Time you get negative certificate Time you get negative certificate depends on what time you take PCR test. What time can I take PCR test? Hiroshima PCR center open 8:00~11:00. You can take PCR test during 8:00~11:00. We open everyday, Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun and Holiday, that is open all year round. Please book before in advance.   Booking here What time can […]

>PCR test for international travel

PCR test for international travel

We provide get Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result. You get a negative certificate on the same day at Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Kagawa.